Proper ventilation is important for workplace hygiene in addition to individual things you can do like wear a mask and sanitise your hands. Every workplace should have good ventilation where the air in the room is being mixed with fresh air from outside since the risk transmission in enclosed spaces is so high.


Everyone can wash their hands and wear their masks but if you’re all breathing in a room with poor ventilation and there is an infected person in the room, the likelihood of other people catching the virus is shockingly high.


The way Covid-19 can be transmitted through the air is through aerosols. Aerosols are microdroplets released from sneezes and coughs that are 1 micrometre (0.001mm) in diameter - so small that they hover in the air for much longer than larger droplets that just drop to the ground.


Typically, thousands of aerosols can be expelled when someone sneezes or coughs, and they can stay in the air for hours, they can even travel tens of metres from where they originally were expelled from.

This Purifier has an 8 stage filtration system which allows for effective purification of an air space around 20-30m², allowing for a negative ion concentration of 6 million/cm³. At a voltage of 12V, the product can plug in anywhere, as well as be controlled by a remote, allowing you to choose your own customised purification settings depending on the environment you are in. One of the stages of purification is UV-C treatment, which means the product is fully certified to kill 99.9% of pathogens it comes across. 


The HEPA filtration is medical-grade and the product can be used in a whole host of environments such as:

- Offices

- Schools

- Transport

Plug-in Purifier

  • Voltage: DC12V (but we can produce according to voltage requirements)

    Air Volume: 45 ~ 85m ³/h