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For this week’s blog, we have decided to let you in on the inner workings of our business and show you what we are all about. We had a small chat with our CEO, Tom Field, and picked his brain on his story, entrepreneurship, and UV Tech Hygienics and the vision behind it all. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Tom, and I am the CEO of UV Tech Hygienics. I graduated Bath University with a 1st class degree, then went straight on to work for Seedrs which is one of Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms. I am a huge West Bromwich Albion fan and when I am outside the office, I am either watching, playing, or talking about sport. Golf and Tennis are also massive passions of mine and I like to get stuck into as many games and competitions as I can. I have been involved with and worked with start-ups at all levels, from my time spent at Virgin StartUp to trying and testing my own ideas over the years. For the past 4 years I have also been part of the founding team in a company called DentaDenta which provides a case that stores and sterilises dentures, retainers, teeth whitening retainers and mouthguards through the magic of UV light. This is where my discovery of UV light began…

Fun fact?

Within reason, I can name you every country flag in the World!

What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

I have always been fascinated by the act of doing and creating things. The prospect of entrepreneurship brings excitement from the journey of learning, riding the challenges that come with it, and working towards the goal of changing the way we live. It all boils down to the opportunity to fill a need, to add value, to help people and make a difference. I first became familiar with entrepreneurship when I reached University, being around other entrepreneurial minds was a huge factor in shaping me as an entrepreneur. Ultimately, entrepreneurship at its core just gives me so much energy and empowers me to work harder and to do better.

What was your first entrepreneurial experience?

It all began for me when I was 14 and my next-door neighbour cut down the trees in their garden and told me that they were paying someone to pick them up. I said I would take these off their hands for free, and they didn’t need to pay anyone. They agreed! I then set up a stand at the end of my drive and shared a few Facebook posts such as “Logs for sale - collect or delivery!”, “Relight your fire this Christmas with my logs” and “Buy 1 log, then buy another, then you have 2 logs!”. I spent the next week or so wheelbarrowing logs around the neighbourhood with a newfound enthusiasm and a story to tell!

Who inspires you in business and what entrepreneurial values did you adopt from these people?

My first entrepreneurial hero was Richard Branson for obvious reasons. I loved how he started Virgin from such a young age, and how it has morphed and changed over the years to become a global conglomerate. I also really resonated with his positive approach to business and his will to never give in, as well as his constant challenging of the status quo by following his natural entrepreneurial flair. Most importantly, from reading his books the biggest lesson I took away was to be a better listener. It taught me that hearing and listening are two very different things!

Equally, I have huge respect for Rodney Copperbottom and Bigweld industries from the film Robots. Even though an animation film; I still feel this shared some important business lessons which cannot be underestimated. The film summarises it as ‘see a need, fill a need’; you start looking for a need, thinking of ideas to fill that need - one idea leads to another and you have your final solution. I believe this approach to idea creation is rooted with fantastic values and something I have tried to adopt!

What is the mission for UV Tech Hygienics?

The mission for UV Tech Hygienics is to use the power of UV-C light to keep people safer and more sanitised than ever. Whether at home, on the move, or in a place of work or education; we believe in a world where everyone can take advantage of the amazing sterilising properties of UV light to live healthier and safer lives.

What were you doing before you were inspired to start up your new company?

I was working at Seedrs, an equity crowdfunding platform as part of their Investment Team. Together we managed the execution and strategy of fundraising rounds for hundreds of businesses. Working with entrepreneurs every day was a fantastic window into the world of a successful business owner, and fuel for me to go off and start running UV Tech Hygienics! Equally I was working on DentaDenta on the side managing our online footprint and facilitating thousands of sales across Europe as we began to see the emergence of UV light and its far-reaching applications.

Why is it the perfect time now for UV Tech Hygienics to grow?

UV Tech Hygienics are looking to scale in the market right now because there is a huge consumer and business need to stay safe and stay sanitised. UV-C light has been used in hospitals for decades to sterilise medical equipment, but this year the technology has been used globally to fight the battle again COVID 19. Equally, UV sterilising solutions are cost effective and provide a chemical-free method of sterilisation. At UV Tech Hygienics, like everyone else, we are wishing for the coronavirus pandemic to be over and for the ordeals of this year to be a distant past. Our products have been designed with that idea in mind - to help us create and live in a sanitised world, whenever we may be, allowing us to get back to the comfort of our normal lives. Businesses can now contact us to discuss their sanitisation protocols and how we can save them money and maximise their safety with our product range.

Lastly, what is your vision for UV Tech Hygienics?

The vision for UVTech Hygienics is that we become the sanitisation security for people in their lives. Whether carrying a UV Wand around on the move, or visiting a restaurant that uses UV light to sterilise and purify their premises and equipment - our products will provide people with the confidence that they are in a safe environment and create the sanitised world we all need.

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