Infection Prevention Week

Infection prevention week focuses attention on the importance of minimising the risk of transmission of viruses and the best methods in achieving this. Over recent years, this week of recognition has vastly expanded to every corner of the globe.

UV-C is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms. UVTech-Hygienics has led the surge of UV technology in the UK, and have been using UV-C to kill many forms of microorganisms and pathogens, including the most topical pathogen, COVID-19.

It has been reported by the CIBSE (state what these initials stand for) that UV-C can prevent the spreading of viruses such as COVID-19. It said in their article “The researchers applied a dose of UV light with a radiant energy density of 5mJ/cm2; this resulted in a reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus of 99% in six seconds”. Covid-19 is very susceptible to UV-C exposure, as are all microorganisms. This technology is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses.

UVTech – Hygienics have various products and applications designed to kill pathogens in the air , water and on surfaces. From items such as the UV disinfection lamp to UV air purifiers, it has been scientifically proven that these UV-C products can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Items such as the Air purifier can help fight back COVID-19 when the virus is airborne. CISBE states the scientific evidence suggests that air cleaners could be part of the solution in minimising transmission risks in indoor environments. Infection prevention week is an important week, particularly in light of the challenges of the pandemic. Infection prevention week at UVTech Hygienics will discuss various methods on how UV-C can help you with your day-to-day sterilisation battles.

On Monday 18th October we will open a competition in celebration of infection prevention week. We will select 3 separate winners at random if they are able to answer the infection prevention question correctly. The prize will be an official UV-C disinfection lamp.

Visit our website to enter:


We’re giving away UV-C Disinfection Lamps to successful entries! (starting from 18/10/21 to 31/10/21). To enter, go onto our website . T&Cs: Open to UK residents aged 18+. Winner chosen at random. Closing date 11:59pm on 31st October 2021.

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