Green Economy

In considering how we can meet environmental targets, crucial to delivering Net Zero and fulfilling our commitments to the Paris Agreement, and in the context of the fact that we are holding the COP26 Climate Conference later this year, we must now focus on action and on increasing the pace of our response.

It is imperative that radical reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases is central to whatever processes are carried out in the future. Every facet of our existence has an impact on the environment. Greenhouse gases, regardless of their origin, impact on the planet as a whole.

It is vital that we stimulate both discussion and action and this book is both a call to arms and a celebration of what is already being achieved, written by a wide cross section of experts in this field.

In this book, our CEO Tom Field, explores the idea of green businesses and the role of green entrepreneurship, looking at how different stages of business face different challenges in order to operate sustainably. In particular, discussing the nature of UV-C technology and how it can play a part in creating a greener future.

UV-C light is a re-usable, long-lasting green technology. It’s nature's way of purifying and reduces the reliance on toxic by-products, bleaches or chemicals used in other sterilisation methods, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

If you are looking at making your business a “greener” organisation, speak to one of our hygiene experts today!

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