Case Study: New Forest Collection

Our long established mission has been to make public spaces safer for people to enjoy, through the power of UV-C light. It excites us to see this being used in different sectors of industry across the country.

Our clients New Forest Collection have invested in the latest technology to sterilise their premises in preparation for hotel reopening on 17th May.

By the introduction of UV-C Light technology they have enhanced their hygiene protocols and in turn assured customers and staff of their commitment to the highest levels of ongoing sterilisation. Here’s what they have to say:

‘New Forest Collection has invested in the very latest Ultra Violet Light Technology. Our aim is to enhance already strict hygiene protocols in place, benefitting both guests and staff as we explore together all that the New Forest has to offer. Stay and be safe’

Creating an environment where clients feel safe and taken care of is imperative as we continue to battle the effects of Covid-19. Bringing business activities back to the level they were is just as important – investing in your hygiene protocols is the foundation of this.

As part of the installation, we also provided New Forest Collection with awareness posters, product information leaflets and in use door hangers. Demonstrating the Collection’s commitment to providing the very best hygiene and sanitation.

We are proud to see our products make a difference and look forward to more customers being able to enjoy safe and germ free areas as life returns to the ‘new norm’ !

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