6 reasons to use UV light technology in your life

1. It is an effective method of sterilisation

UV light has been a reliable method of disinfection for decades and has recently become more advanced in its applications. UVC light is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus in the air and on surfaces by permanently disrupting the organism’s DNA and so renders them inactive, therefore unable to replicate.

2. It gives you peace of mind

With everyone trying hard to work through and stay safe during the current climate, knowing that you are safe in public places is important. If you are at the train station, or at the office, or at school – you want the peace of mind that the space you are sharing with so many other people, is sanitised to the highest standards of hygiene. And this is already coming into play with Heathrow Airport making use of UV robots to sanitise the airport, reducing transmission of infection. UV products can be installed in various high intensity transmission points of any public place in the form of air purifiers, lamps, robotic sterilisers and even portable sterilisers.

3. It is a waste-free option

To keep up with the sanitisation demands of the current circumstances, businesses are using disinfecting wipes and bleach to provide the best level of hygiene they can, but these are not sustainable methods to improve cleaning regimes, rather a quick fix that does the job. The virus arrived suddenly and required immediate adaptation, but there are better and more environmentally friendly ways to upgrade our cleaning routines and UV is the way forward in this regard. UVC light disinfection comes with no waste or toxic by-products which is why it is used to treat wastewater (our team has 20 years of experience in using UV for water treatment). The lack of toxic by-products that will eventually result in pollution is why it is a good way to cut down on the amount of bleach or chemical disinfectants you use.

4. It is flexible

UV light was first used in industry in the early 1960s and since then, there have been numerous applications of this magic light being added to its arsenal. With Covid-19 forcing people to consider higher standards of hygiene, the market for UV sterilisation equipment is set to grow 19% from 2020 to 2027 – this means that there are a plethora of UV disinfection products on the market to cater to consumers and businesses alike. From wands, to lamps, to portable bags to bring the technology once only used in industrial settings to the individual - helping people take their safety into their own hands. The main charm of these products is the portability, they can be seamlessly added into your routine without altering your lifestyle, so it is hard to say no to such a convenient piece of technology.

5. It is cost effective

Using wipes multiple times a day on several surfaces can pile up in the bank, so purchasing a UV device only one time allows you to re-use the product as much as you would like without the extra cost or waste that comes with throwing away so many wipes. UV light is also a dry method compared to wipes, which is helpful because wet disinfectants slow down the flow of businesses with hotel rooms needing more than 24 hours to dry after disinfection and salon seats needing to be left unused while they dry. UV products allow for cheaper and drier sanitation and is best when used along side reduced amounts of wet disinfectants.

6. The situation calls for it

Though this point has been mentioned throughout this post, it is so important that it needs a dedicated space to be spoken about. Covid-19 will eventually go, but that does not mean that society will go back to exactly how it was. When a pandemic this devastating hits, new and permanent measures will need to be taken to prevent any relapses and protect humanity from viruses that may come in the hopes that we are better equipped than we have been this time round.

There have been many talks about how this virus has been handled and there have been disappointments expressed as to how we could have reduced the impact of this virus, but just like any situation in life, mistakes are a way to show us how to perform better the next time. There are advancements in technology being made to build a safer society as we speak, and UV light is at the forefront of this mission to create a more advanced and safer society for us all. Read about more tech solutions here.

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