5 places with the most germs in your office

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

With people slowly going back to work, employees want to feel safe in their workplaces and so employers must take measures to keep their buildings safe and sanitized. The average person has 1500 germs per square centimeter on their hands and the spread of these germs can cause infections. The office is an often overlooked place for passing on germs, so read on to find the 5 places with the most germs in your office.

1. Phone: 25,127 germs per sq. inch

Not surprisingly, the office phone is one of the items with the highest germ count per square inch. The office phone gets used multiple times a day, so bacteria and viruses easily accumulate on this, especially if many people are using it. To stay away from germ build-up on your desktop phones, wipe down regularly.

2. Desktop: 20,961 germs per sq. inch

With a third of UK workers having lunch at their desks, the risk of germ transmission with this surface is much higher than expected. Desktops are the place that holds all personal and work items like phones, planners, computers, etc. so it's understandable for so many germs to reside here. Antibacterial wipes are important to keep the germs at bay at a time like this.

3. Keyboard: 3,295 germs per square inch

With keyboards being one of the most used items in the workplace and so many germs on our hands and fingertips, it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Disinfecting with antibacterial wipes will keep the germs from spreading too much.

4. Coffee mug: 1,746 germs per sq. inch

90% of office mugs have harmful bacteria on them and 20% of those carry bacteria present in fecal matter, according to professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona Charles Gerba, Ph.D. He suggests bringing individual mugs to work rather than using the ones provided at the office and washing with sponges that have been used multiple times that are ridden with germs.

5. Chair: 21,000 germs per sq. inch

Chairs are objects we never think about how dirty they are, but they are one of the germ dense objects in an office. To keep the germs away, employers should vacuum chairs frequently and provide a deep clean regularly to minimize germ transmission.

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