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UV-C light can be an important tool in providing a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and customers in these very challenging times. For more detail on how UV-C light works click here. As part of your sanitisation programme UV-C light can complement your other measures. It is dry, does not use harmful bleaches or chemicals and can be used to help kill bacteria over large areas very cost effectively.

We know your staff and customers will appreciate you doing everything you can to kill harmful bacteria and our applications can help you in your objectives. We can provide an on-site inspection of your premises to carry out a Risk Assessment Survey of your sanitation regime. We include in the report our recommendations on your hygiene risk control and how certain UV-C applications might help your protocols.

Get a business hygiene risk assessment

In addition to providing effective sanitisation to ensure a safe environment for your employees, clients and customers, we offer contact plate testing built into an overall assessment of your building to evaluate your current disinfection policy and show you what UV-C light services & products our organisation can offer you.

The assessment includes understanding your current hygiene policy to see how you are currently carrying out your disinfection obligations. One of our qualified and experienced team will speak with you, or visit your premises to gather more information on how your business ticks. We assess the physical touch points and high traffic in your workplace to find out where the highest risks of transmission are and offer our tailored hygiene solution through applications of our UVC product range. Our team includes a qualified chemist and hygiene engineer to provide you with proficient evaluations on your disinfection regime, as well as 20 years of experience in conducting UV water treatment risk assessments.

Office Sterilisation
We specialise in offering products specifically for offices. We can provide solutions specific to your business needs and hygiene requirements.
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Water Hygiene
Our team has 20 years of experience in water hygiene services. We can provide you with water sterilisation solutions, water testing etc.
Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you clean and test the water in your premises.
To find out more call us on 0121 285 7117 or email info@uvtech-hygienics.com and we can assess the hygienic approach in your premises, hospital, factory, pub, school or office today. 

The future's bright, with UV light!