Infection Prevention Week

Infection prevention week aims to shine a light on the different ways we can protect ourselves against pathogens and various infectious diseases. UVTech - Hygienics looks to treat and control these situations with UV-C solutions that we provide which includes air and surface sterilisation.

What & Why Are We Supporting This

From the 18th October 2021 UVtech-Hygienicis is celebrating infection prevention week and we have a competition upcoming which we want you to enter. Just answer the following question correctly and be placed into a prize draw to win your very own UV-C Disinfection Lamp! 

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Infection Prevention Week Itinerary 


Monday: Launch of the week with a quiz competition, winners would win a prize draw of a UV-C disinfection mini lamp


Tuesday: At 5 PM (GMT), APIC will host a Twitter chat to educate and discuss how we can all work together to counter misinformation and protect public health. Follow @APIC on Twitter and use the hashtag #IIPWChat to join.


Wednesday: Infographics and Posters shared on how to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Together we can counter misinformation!


Thursday: COVID-19 factsheets shared, covering a number of topics including how the virus spreads and ways we can all protect ourselves. The factsheets are designed to educate and remind consumers.


Friday: 60 seconds with Tom. Our CEO talks about the power of UV-C technology and how it can be one of the best tools in helping to prevent the spread of infections.

“We advocate the immediate installation of the safe and proven UR UVC technology. Existing technology that could be implemented now and has appropriate regulation and guidance" - NHS, University of St. Andrews