How does UV-C light work?

What is UV-C Light?

UV-C light is a specific wavelength within Ultraviolet light, which is a wavelength of light on the electromagnetic spectrum between 200 - 280 nm. UV-C has the highest frequency and energy out of the three wavelengths (others being UVA and UVB). Unlike UVA and UVB, UV-C does not reach the Earth atmosphere, so we are not exposed to this light on a daily basis. 

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How Does it Work & What Does It Do?

UV-C light kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses by penetrating the cell and causing a reaction in the DNA/RNA(the structure responsible for cell replication) that permanently changes its structure, therefore halting the cell’s replication and killing the cell. UV-C light has been used to treat wastewater, aquariums etc. for over 75 years and our team has 20 years of experience in this sector too. 

Why is better than existing cleaning methods?

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Where can it be used?

Our products can be applied in any part of a business. Our lamps can be used in rooms of up 100m² in size, which allow both air and surface sterilisation. The products are perfect for offices, large buildings, salons, shops, train stations etc. and can be used to sterilise equipment such as dental, medical, hairdressing equipment, and cutlery. We have a product for everyone.

Is it safe?

Our products come with clear and easy instructions on how to use them safely to avoid direct exposure to the light (direct exposure can cause damage to skin and eyes). Specific products are designed with motion sensing technology and child-locks to keep the user and the people around them safe, so you can use our products in peace.

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How will it help my business?

Using UV-C light to sanitise your premises is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of keeping your clients, customers and employees safe. Our products will help streamline your operations and shave time and money off your day so you can hit the ground running everyday. Having UV-C products as part of your sanitisation routine will save you time, money and hassle whilst providing you with the highest grade of sterilisation to keep your business running and let you focus on the important things. 

UV-C in industry

UV-C is used in many ways like treating wastewater, disinfecting drinking water and sterilise medical equipment. Another way is to disinfect foods like bread to prolong shelf life by by reducing bacteria growth, which is approved by Campden BRI, the UK's largest institution for research and development for food and drink. Our industrial partners have experience in this work in industry so if you are interested, contact us.

“We advocate the immediate installation of the safe and proven UR UVC technology. Existing technology that could be implemented now and has appropriate regulation and guidance" - NHS, University of St. Andrews