About us


Our Experience


The founders of UVTech-Hygienics have been using ultra violet systems to kill harmful bacteria for over 20 years initially using applications for water hygiene then as technology has advanced using UV-C to kill bacteria in the air or on surfaces. UV-C light has long been used to help disinfect water in cold water systems and now its applications are growing rapidly as the global demand for improved hygiene continues.​ Our team includes a qualified chemist and hygiene engineer plus specialists in UV technology. We have one thing in common though, we are all passionate about helping people keep themselves safer and protect them from harmful bacteria!

Our Vision


We recognise and respect the power of nature, and using UV-C is one of the oldest natural forms of killing bacteria.  In these challenging times we all need to be extra vigilant against harmful bacteria and viruses so our aim is to offer simple and effective UV-C products as part of your everyday protection from germs. Through technology developments and the devastating effects of the recent coronavirus pandemic, there has been a real shift towards harnessing the sterilisation power of UV-C light. We believe that there are better ways to sterilise. We believe in a world where there is sterilisation and hygiene protection for all businesses. The future is bright because of UV-C light!

Our Products


Our UV-C products are made to the highest standard and designed to fit in with your new sanitation, cleaning and hygiene practices. To evidence this our products are now used in over a 1000 hospitals as well as a whole host of different businesses. They have been designed to be a quick, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to that of everyday bleach and chemical sterilisation methods. All of the products have been fully tested and certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just minutes. 

“We advocate the immediate installation of the safe and proven UR UVC technology. Existing technology that could be implemented now and has appropriate regulation and guidance" - NHS, University of St. Andrews